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More Than A Logo, Our Proven Brand Strategy Helps You Attract The Right Customers To Grow Your Business

From logo and brand guide creation to marketing materials and swag. Our brand strategy will ensure you stand apart from the competition.

Your brand is the heart and soul of your organization, representing the personality and values that differentiate you from others.

Your brand is everything your customers think you are. Brands that stand out do so because they fascinate people. They leave an impression and invite people to engage with them.

Whether developing a new brand or refreshing a tired one, how do you differentiate yourself? How do you define the brand strategy that propels your product/service and inspires your organization? This is where IdahoMedia comes into the picture.

IdahoMedia uses our powerful five-step brand strategy to help you stand out, leading to more customer engagement, business growth, and big results.


Uncover Your Potential

We know that the journey to build a successful brand starts with a thoughtful strategy, one that balances the objective and strong business planning to illuminate a clear path. That is why we are here, to help you identify your unique positioning opportunities and outline the blueprint for building your brand. We will carve out a powerful brand strategy and implementation plan to attract the right customers to grow your business. The right brand strategy lets you say all the things that create meaningful long-term relationships with your customers.


Brand Research


Every brand strategy begins with a deep dive to uncover the key information about your business model and process, understanding your customers and potential customers, and uncovering the insights that will lay the foundation for your brand development. IdahoMedia solves complex brand challenges by employing a variety of research tools.


Brand Identity


By setting the identity of your company, you can increase your success rates and give your customers someone to trust with their business. IdahoMedia creates and delivers a strong brand identity using journey maps, creative concepts, and materials to develop and deliver a consistent brand experience for your customers.


Brand Naming


A strong brand name helps a company or product/service stand out in today’s cluttered media environment. However, powerful brand and product names are based on powerful positioning strategies. IdahoMedia helps create strong, memorable, and legally available brand names.


Brand Messaging


Your business needs crisp and impactful brand messaging that captures the essence of your brand and also the value it provides to your consumers. IdahoMedia helps craft a unique tagline or slogan, mission statement, value propositions, and overall brand story to help propel your brand.


Targeting the Right Audience

Our tried and true five-step branding method and development process produces big results and happy clients. Discover, Define, Develop, Diffuse, Dissect. To uncover your potential we discover what is working and what is not by researching your current business and market landscape. We define your goals and develop a well-researched and designed strategy. Our talented team then diffuses and implements this strategy, dissects the results, and diligently measures what works, adjusting for ultimate optimization.


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The brand strategy offers numerous benefits

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Why IdahoMedia?

The word is out, Idaho is awesome. Is it the world class mountain biking and skiing just minutes away, or the family friendly parks and riverside greenbelt that make us stand out. Maybe it is the Boise Kind motto that reflects the welcoming spirit of the city of trees. Either way, the word is out, and Boise is quickly becoming a leader in tech innovation and talent. Let us help you grow your business, in the Idahome way.



We have worked with Tia for over 4 years on ad development and design, email marketing, and related photography. Over the last year plus, we have had her take over our website design and maintenance. Tia and her team are very professional and have become a normal part of our routine, being responsive to our needs and able to produce really great products that deliver results. We are happy to endorse and recommend Idaho Media for their services.

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