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PPC Campaign Success

Let us make your Ad Campaign work for you!

PPC, Google Ads, Social Media, oh my! We develop successful and engaging campaigns to reach your target audience and maximize your ROI.

Great campaigns take a lot of research, strategic setup, and diligent tracking and reporting.

Our goal is to build campaigns that drive traffic to your site, increase revenue and provide an excellent return on ad spend (ROAS). Campaigns help to strengthen your SEO effort by making short-term goals more achievable and offering immediate results. Whether it is the tried and true Pay-Per-click or paid search, google ads, email marketing or a social media campaign.

We can help you navigate the dynamic and complicated digital environment to maximize your ad dollars. 


We Make It Easy For You

PPC and ad campaigns are not something that you set and forget. It takes research, strategy, thoughtful construction, reflective tracking and informed reporting to design an effective ad campaign that maximizes your ad dollars. We work with full-transparency to demystify and share the finer points of our campaigns so you know exactly how those ad dollars are being spent.


Research & Strategy


We do a deep dive in researching your industry and target audience. Using this information, we compile relevant key words and note competitor strategies to craft an effective strategy. Before launching a campaign, we work with you to clarify and establish goals. Using our research, we identify your target audience and design a strategic campaign to more efficiently drive company revenue and achieve goals. We can also help you re-target previous customers to maximize audience engagement.




From researched keyword selection to determining that a powerful and consistent message flows efficiently through the campaign, we do it all. We will organize the products and services that you offer and align them properly with related search queries. Ad messages will be crafted ensuring brand uniformity with an eye on getting the best results from your ad dollars and achieving your campaign goals.


Tracking & Reporting


With diligent and reflective tracking and detailed reporting we optimize efforts over time. This helps us lower conversion costs (cost per acquisition) and fine tune the campaign to more efficiently achieve your goals.


How we do it?

When it comes to designing and developing WordPress websites, we leave no stone unturned to provide you services that help achieve your business goals. We offer tailor-made solutions taking into consideration your unique needs. Our experienced team of designers uses WordPress themes, modules, templates, and plug-in to enhance the appeal of your website. Research, Develop Wire-frames, Design & Code, Test, Launch is the process we follow to develop your WordPress websites.


Ready to make those ad dollars work for you?


Why IdahoMedia?

The word is out, Idaho is awesome. Is it the world class mountain biking and skiing just minutes away, or the family friendly parks and riverside greenbelt that make us stand out. Maybe it is the Boise Kind motto that reflects the welcoming spirit of the city of trees. Either way, the word is out, and Boise is quickly becoming a leader in tech innovation and talent. Let us help you grow your business, in the Idahome way.



We have worked with Tia for over 4 years on ad development and design, email marketing, and related photography. Over the last year plus, we have had her take over our website design and maintenance. Tia and her team are very professional and have become a normal part of our routine, being responsive to our needs and able to produce really great products that deliver results. We are happy to endorse and recommend Idaho Media for their services.

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